Donations, Story and website changes!
I made this announcement to mainly talk about the donation page and a few things. So lets begin! I am grateful that the costs of doing this is fairly inexpensive, but as I do this for free for others to enjoy, it doesn't mean I am some golden boy with heaps of money in my bank, doing this is still fairly expensive for me personally, but we aren't here to talk about my financial issues...
Out in this community are hundreds of groups, there are probably allot of them who do what I do, but what makes me special from others? And why should you support us or just care? Nothing makes our group special in a way that would make you go wow. We do don't translate, we do not edit the subtitles, we do not do any witch craft, but we do have our own things we do, like our standards. We are a simple release group that mainly focuses on releasing complete batches of older anime and even newer. You might say well that's not special there are hundreds who do that! But here's the thing, yes there are, but not a single group does what we strive to do, each group has this or that, like their own shitty filename styles, their own font style, etc. Yeah that can be changed but we are the one stop. What we do is simple, rip and release the exact copy from our sources, which are only WebRips from places like Crunchyroll, funimation, etc. Yes there are better releases but we do it our way, if you do not like it then just piss off! There are others who probably already released it but sorry if it has 0 seeders lol...
Anyhow a little backstory on why I started this group, I am a simple man, I like to stick to one group and one group only! Back when HorribleSubs existed I was with them. They had many issues, there were plenty of anime that was just missing. It all came down to their release style. which was "Only rip and release airing shows", but as you already know they shutdown. Their way of releasing and not caring for their releases was a big mistake. Older shows would die off with 0 seeders, different releases for the same show, etc. When they went caput i was like why the hell not do it my way. But before i did, i looked and looked for a good group to switch to but they just didn't exist. There's Erai-Raws and a few others but each has their own problems. Erai had the problem of missing shows in English sub, but they would have it in German sub... and so on. I am not here to say our release group is the best, we do have a ton of shows missing, but we are a new group, we are expanding, and we definitely are growing!
Anyhow not really much to talk about donations. I am not here to beg for money, or for any sympathy. But I want to be transparent as possible with what goes on, as i personally don't care and I believe donors should know what their money is put towards. All of our initial donations go into the HorribleRips group. We have expenses like seedboxes, website, and accounts. As more I rip the less space I have in the seedbox, the expenses rise and rise, many suggest I delete the past releases but I am a data hoarder so I cant do that and I don't want 0 seeders on my releases. Even after all expenses are paid the rest is put on hold so we can always have a backup of money just in case something happens, but after all of that i get the rest for myself. Talking about the donations was honestly short as there's not much to talk about. Its simple it goes into the group :).
And just a little note for the website changes we replaced the rss icon with a dedicated page which has a list of all defined RSS URLs you can use for your convenience. Last but not least, Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day!