Frequently Asked Questions
Hopefully these will answer your questions!
Will you release x?
Yes, we will if our sources have it, at the moment we are open to requests, you can only request stuff in the discord!
Why does a show only have 720p or 480p?
It is the max resolution our sources had to offer!
Why do you even exist, your stuff is garbage?
Ummm, our stuff is not garbage lol... Now is it not the best, yes! You can find Bluray encodes with far better quality on nyaa! So why do we exist? Just because... Why must we give you a reason, why do you exist?
Why are shows like bleach separated?
Shows like bleach are separated by the seasons, now why? The reason is because if one day the show gets a new season it would not make sense to have all the past seasons in 1 batch now would it?...
What does the [Temp] tag mean?
It means that the release is temporarily, for reasons like missing episodes, once the missing episodes are released, that torrent will be removed and replaced with one that has all the episodes.